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Updated Friday, Apr. 28, 2017 6:38 AM EDT
OmPlace Altwire - Conscious Living Articles and Alternative Newsroom - Apr. 20, 2017
Welcome to Issue 402 of OmPlace's Altwire. Please direct your submissions and suggestions to:

Psychic Medium Rhonda Manning, Psychic of the South

Psychic Medium Rhonda Manning is the Psychic of the South. Group and Personal Readings available throughout the year. This March Rhonda launches a new webinar series, the Science of Mediumship®, to help others understand the metaphysics of a channeling experience. This series will explore energy, intuition and exploration of the science behind her gifts. Coming soon, downloadable whitepapers related to all areas of science of mediumship. Please visit Rhonda's website and call 901-324-2586.

Asheville Rhythm Presents 6th Annual Asheville Percussion Festival

Festival June 26-July 2, 2017 at Odyssey Community School and Masters Concert 8pm Saturday, July 1, at Diana Wortham Theatre in Asheville, NC
Engage in a world of rhythm. Come enjoy a creative environment where percussionists and dancers of all traditions, from around the globe, gather to explore, create and innovate. The festival will be hosted by Asheville's ambassador to rhythm, River Guerguerian. Fifteen world-renowned artists will collaborate and create original compositions during the week. They will also teach a week-long intensive program, give workshops/demonstrations on Saturday for the public, perform a concert on Saturday evening, and facilitate a sound meditation on Sunday. The Saturday evening Masters Concert will take place at 8pm at the Diana Wortham Theatre in downtown Asheville. The concert will feature collaborative compositions from our world-renowned teaching artists. There are many ticketing options. For more information and to purchase tickets online please visit

Sacred Geometry
Oracle Deck

Sacred Geometry is the key to understanding the way the universe is designed. Called the language of light and science of compassion, its images and shapes are embedded in DNA, mandalas, pyramids, crystals and well, everything. Anyone who has ever gazed at a spider's web, meditated on a mandala or Yantra, visited a pyramid, walked a labyrinth, or peered through a microscope has felt the effects of sacred geometry. Now the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck introduces an entirely new way for you to gain access to this wisdom and unlock its power. The set includes a 128-page 6X9 paperback book with 64 full-color oracle cards in a beautifully boxed set for $35. See this page for more info or to order.

Fathering Families

Fathering Families assists parents struggling to secure equal time with their children after a separation or divorce. Often when parents separate, tension is heightened and it can become difficult to develop a fair agreement that is in the best interest of the child. We believe in shared parenting and that children should have the right to liberal time with both parents, if a healthy environment can be provided. We can guide you on the early steps to take and how to navigate the nuances of family law effectively with our educational resources. Contact us for a consultation or to explore our helpful guide book.

Dream Growers is a holistic-minded web design company based in Asheville, NC. We focus on creating clean websites for professionals with a quick turnaround.
Our Commitment
• Elegant Design Layout
• User-Friendly Content Management
• Client Confidentiality & Privacy
• Simple Setup & Client Walk-Through
• High Performance Sites - Security, Stability, Speed.
Contact us today and we'll have your beautiful website set up within 4 weeks.

The Illusion of Choice

by Louise LeBrun / Author, Speaker, Educator and Founder of the WEL-Systems Institute
As children, our inner curiosity propels us toward the expression of our unique interests. Unapologetic and impatient from the inner press to simply reach out and take what we are drawn to, we are not easily deterred from moving toward that which we desire. As adults, the external pressure to conform and comply allows an external pull - that which is NOT us - to drag us toward what is deemed 'acceptable' and 'appropriate' ... willing to put aside and press down that which we intuitively know is the path we should be on (should we have any desire or will remaining), to be authentically our Selves.
      Read full article >>>

5 Things You Can Do
to Address Stress

by Yogi Baba Prem /
There is little doubt regarding the negative effects of stress and the effects that stress can have on one's health. In some ways, even joyful events such as a marriage can have elements of stress. Yet, there are some simple things that everyone can try to reduce the effects of stress. This article shares five practical tips for stress that just about anyone can use.
      Read full article >>>

Calling Back Your Power: Reclaiming Your Divine Essence
by Pamela Arwine / Founder of Quantum Healing Energetics and Lemurian Light Healing
Think of your life as a grand treasure hunt. The reward is the discovery of the truth of your being. Imagine, if you will, the most exquisite diamond, huge, clear, radiantly bright. This diamond rests in a forest clearing and all who come within its radiance feel blessed. Now imagine the path leading to the clearing is thick and tangled with old dead brush and debris. You need do nothing to restore the original brilliance of the diamond. It is untouched by time. Your job is to clear the path to the diamond so you too can stand within its radiance.
      Read full article >>>

Sewall House
Yoga Retreat

Sewall House Yoga is a bed & breakfast style retreat that offers ongoing intimate holistic healing experiences, since 1997. We are owned by Donna Davidge, a wellness activist and seasoned yoga instructor who's been teaching the following disciplines since 1985: hatha, kundalini, ashtanga, iyengar, restorative and nidra.

Sewall House Yoga is located in a small scenic New England town and operates out of the historic home where Theodore Roosevelt was healed of asthma. The area is awash with tranquility and charm, evoking inner peace and inspiring repeat visits.

YOGA retreat amenities
Yoga classes for all levels; meditation and breathing practice; delicious wholesome vegetarian meals; relaxing sauna; exhilarating hikes; porch sitting; breathtaking views near Lake Mattawamkeag and Baxter state/Mt Katahdin.

Open from Memorial Day to Columbus Day

For more information or to make a reservation, please send an email or visit


Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training

It's time for you to learn hypnosis with Mary Elizabeth Raines! You are invited to join our internationally recognized nine-day intensive training in Sedona, AZ from May 6-14, 2017. This highly experiential course is often life-changing, as well as being expert, nurturing, and thorough. Mary Elizabeth Raines, author and teacher, is recognized by the National Guild of Hypnotists as "one of the leading practitioners of the art and science of hypnotism." (Tuition discount available for mentioning ByRegion or OmPlace when you call!)

"Have the time of your life learning tools for a lifetime!"

For details see our website or call (928) 282-2640.

New World Consciousness Conference & Expo

August 11-13, 2017
at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida

New World Consciousness Conference & Expo
International knowledge forum of top Researchers, Teachers, Authors and Innovators to present compelling topics that create awareness for the new conscious shift. See all of their bios and amazing topics at our website.

New World Consciousness Holistic EXPO

10am - 5pm Friday - Saturday and Sunday
79 Vendors of all natural & healthy products & Services.
Skip the line get your Expo pass now online only $5.00

Get your tickets today!

Social Media links; @NWCKnowledge &

Akashic Records Intensive & Consultant Training - Sacred Wisdom for Transformation

In Magical BALI
September 15th ~ 30th, 2017

Join Don Ernesto Ortiz and group of consultants and teachers for a magical tour on the exquisite island of Bali. Together, we'll discover Bali's ancient temples, and other beautiful sacred sites. Personal and professional transformation begins during this Intensive with Journey to the Heart in one of the most exotic locations in the world, culminating in a lasting commitment to a better life and world.

Explore slope gardens tasting tropical fruits, swim in hot springs, bathe in sacred waters, walk to great waterfalls, get a papaya massage... And we promise you'll have lots of time to rest, play and explore on your own. Of course, we have reserved for you some Balinese surprises to make your trip unforgettable!

For more info or to reserve a space: Send an Email and See this page.

Clean Out Your LifeCloset

(Volume 1 of The Self-Development Project)

by Rev. Corbie Mitleid

"I keep getting stuck on a problem..."

"I can't get out of my own way..."

"I'm afraid I'll fail..."

"I'm just not good enough!"

All of these stressors take up space in your mind and heart. They don't help. They don't fit. And they keep you from believing that who you already are is exactly who you ought to be. That's why it's time to CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET!

Clean Out Your LifeCloset sets the whole idea of "you need us to fix you" on its ear.

• Discover how Clarity is the canvas on which you can paint your new life story.

• Delight in how much abundance you already have with the idea of Simplicity: living Life as a Tiny House.

• Embrace newfound freedom learning how Adaptability means "perfection is already yours."

• Understand when Stress is your friend and teacher, instead of just the enemy you fight daily

Working with you through stories, examples, and her unique "Adventure Pages," author Corbie Mitleid encourages you to write your own story of change based on your history, your life experience, and your personal goals.

See for details and to order.

The Psychic Mediumship Development Circle

Consider for one moment that you may have a gift - an amazing one - once you know how to manage, use and develop it. As a Medium you can connect friends, family and complete strangers with their loved ones, Spirit Guides and Angels on the Other Side.

There are many benefits to Psychic Mediumship should you choose to develop your unique abilities!

All are welcome to join The Psychic Mediumship Development Circle the 3rd Tuesday of every month beginning in January 2017 to learn, develop, grow and trust your intuition!

We will be connecting with Spirit easily and rapidly through practical exercises, identifying all forms of mediumship and learning to use what works best for you!

Circle Agenda:

-Importance Of Meditation

-Attuning To Spirit through practical exercises

-Understand the differences between psychic and mediumship

-Understanding The Spirit Guide's Role

-Working With Energy

-Harness and validate evidence from Spirit to give accurate messages

-Class time is 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

-Location: Asheville Raven & Crone's Community Room, 555 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC

-Cost: $30.00 Cash Payment will be accepted upon arrival.

*All are welcome, but Reservations are preferred please!*

To Reserve a seat in the workshop, or if you'd like more information please contact Andrea Allen by email or call 978-618- 5972.

About the Facilitator:

Andrea Allen is a internationally recognized intuitive Psychic-Medium. Licensed and certified in Shiatsu, Tui Na and complimentary therapies, she is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Angelspeake Facilitator. A Psychic-Medium since childhood, she has been working with the energy of spirits for over 26 years to deliver their messages. She studied mediumship under the guidance of Elizabeth Wynn-Wilks and Angelspeake under its founders Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark. She is a graduate of the Boston Institute of Shiatsu and Complementary Therapies and is trained in several modalities such as: Distant Healing, Magnetic Therapy & Qi Gong Energy Healing.

Inspired by a True Story!


Listen to CJ tell the story of the Seraphim's appearance to her in 1997 and what she's learned: See this page.

CJ Martes has spent the past 25 years touching the lives of thousands in over 50 different countries as a spiritual teacher. Her life has been deeply rooted in supernatural experiences since childhood. In 1997 she had an up close encounter with 13 Seraphim Angels. The purpose of their visit was to affirm her life purpose and to tell her she would write a book called Angel Incarnate. 15 years later, she would publish that story and fulfill their prophecy!

One Birth is a race against time as human and spiritual worlds collide, leaving Catherine caught somewhere in between. She is suddenly pushed by unknown forces toward a destiny that she wants no part of while being challenged by her fears, disbelief, and a complete lack of control. Step onto the roller coaster with her as she is propelled toward an unexpected journey of discovering who she was born to be!

Official Website: Order from Author CJ Martes or also from Amazon. Also available on Kindle.

Channeled Life Readings

Guidance is a collective of angels, ascended masters, healers and teachers. In a CLR you are free to ask Guidance anything and they answer from the perspective of your Highself.

Discover the reasons things are occurring in your life, find the easiest and fastest ways of moving through unwanted life situations, how to create and allow greater ease, health, happiness and abundance.

You speak directly to Guidance being channeled through Dr. Katherine for a full hour during a CLR. In all of our work, there is never judgment, only Love. Please see this page for information on distance readings, healings and other services.

Spirit Babies

Most mothers understand that it is possible to communicate with the unborn child.

This does not have to stop if the pregnancy ends in miscarriage or termination. As an intuitive, I have developed the ability to help apparently infertile couples achieve their goal. They are helped to connect with the spirit of the child who was lost to them, or not yet conceived.

Before birth, babies are undoubtedly aware of their mother's and father's thoughts and feelings. They are in still the spirit realm, therefore less restricted than most humans in their field of knowing.

A couple who have suffered a miscarriage may need help in communicating with the child, which may have reasons for being afraid to come. Spirit Babies are very specific about the reasons for choosing their parents (citing interests the parents have, which they had not told me) or past life/geographical data about the parents which are relevant to the choice of parents.

Do you wish to communicate with the child you are meant to have?

My focus is helping mothers learn to communicate with their Spirit Babies (future children) after miscarriage or before conception, which is often followed by successful conception.

My new book Spirit Baby: What You Can Learn from your Future Child is now available for sale through Amazon:

Amazon US - see this page
Amazon UK - see this page

Christine Nightingale

The Visionary Art of Francene Hart

Francene Hart is an internationally recognized visionary artist whose work has been widely published in books and magazines and hangs in the homes of art collectors and the offices of healers and seekers around the planet. She was summoned by spirit in 2001 to the Big Island of Hawaii and is now painting, swimming and living her bliss in bless'ed Hawaii.

All of her images, including "Catch a Falling Star" (pictured) are available as Full Color Prints or ArtCards.

She says about this image: "I have long used images of the Divine Feminine - the Goddess in every woman. Catch a falling star ... hold a part of the Universe. It's about saving up wishes, or miracles."

Please see this page for more information or to order.

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